I'm a multi-hyphenate professional with 6+ years of experience as an editor, journalist, and marketing expert. I’m passionate about storytelling that impacts target audiences and drive them to take action. Whether the end result is clicking play on a podcast, sharing an article/email blast, or recommending a book to friend; I tell stories and craft messaging that yield positive outcomes. Over the years, my various titles have advanced my skill set and refined how I approach my work, making me both creative and strategic. I’m a project management wiz who relies on data, organization, and imagination to meet my goals. My secret to success is leveraging my editorial expertise to capture and grow an audience.

My Background

While earning a BA in journalism and minor in anthropology at Georgia State University, I launched Quaint Revolt Media—an innovative lifestyle publishing brand that thrived from 2017 to 2020. Serving as its founder and editor-in-chief, I cultivated this multimedia platform to elevate emerging creative voices across art, design, and cultural production. While managing a team of 10 part-time employees, I led the business development, raised non-dilutive funding, steered editorial and creative direction, and much more.

Transitioning to freelance writing and editing, I collaborated with notable brands like ArtsATL, HBCU academic journals, and various small businesses. Additionally, I enriched my portfolio by editing a spectrum of non-fiction books for Ulysses Press and independent authors.

In 2023, I completed a master's in publishing from New York University, earning esteemed accolades such as the Hearst Endowment for Magazine Media Scholarship and the Award for Excellence in Digital and Magazine Media.

How I Spend My Time

Currently, I work full-time as a Brand Marketing Manager for podcasts at iHeartMedia. I am responsible for delivering tens of millions of impressions for top ranking shows such as Questlove Supreme, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Stuff You Should Know, and more. In my spare time, you will find me reading books, collecting magazines, viewing the latest art exhibits, and drawing inspiration from the world around. All while freelancing as an editor on electrifying projects.