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I'm a multi-hyphenate professional with 6+ years of experience as an editor, journalist, and marketing expert. I’m passionate about storytelling that impacts target audiences and drives them to take action. Whether the end result is clicking play on a podcast, sharing an article/newsletter, or recommending a book to friend; I tell stories and craft messaging that yield positive outcomes.

Over the years, my various titles have advanced my skill set and refined how I approach my work, making me both creative and strategic. I’m a project management wiz who relies on data, organization, and imagination to meet my goals. My secret to success is leveraging my editorial expertise to capture and grow audiences.

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Podcast Marketing

Book Editing

The Devotional for Black Women - Ulysses Press (January 2024)

Role: Developmental Editor

I worked alongside the associate editor and author to improve the manuscript's content and structure. My primary goals included: refining the tone of the book, identifying holes in the text, ensuring writing consistency, and suggesting and making copy edits. 

The Autism Workbook for Parents – Ulysses Press (March 2024)

Role: Copy Editor

Originally published in the early 2000s, The Autism Workbook is now slated for a 2024 re-issue. Along with redesigning the cover, the publisher wanted to update the book's language to match currently acceptable terminologies and descriptions. I took charge of copy editing the existing manuscript to prepare the book for publishing.

Demystifying Promotion & Tenure: A Resource For Black Women – PLR Consulting Services (December 4, 2021)

Role: Editor

After the success of her newsletter guiding women on the tenure track, Dr. Pamela Leggett-Robinson of PLR Consulting decided to compile her expertise into a book that could reach a wider audience of women in academia. Through a recommendation from my former employee, I was selected as the book's editor. I worked with the author from the early stages to publication - which included rigorous stages of developmental and copy editing. 

Select Writing

Audible: Leading the Charge in Audio Publishing

For publishing students seeking a career in the world of content, the landscape is wider than ever. A group of MS in Publishing: Digital and Print Media students learned about the exciting developments in audio during a recent virtual visit to Audible hosted by Stacy Creamer, Vice President of Audible Studios, which publishes Audible Originals. Creamer came to Audible after a long and distinguished career as an acquiring editor at G.P. Putnam’s Sons and Doubleday at Penguin Random House, Reagan

Bree Holt: An Intentional Gaze

Breyona *Bree* Holt is a photographer, and the director of Exquisite Eye. The Atlanta native speaks on her move to California, her gaze and centering black experiences.

Sasha-Gay: Tell us about your early life and introduction to the arts.

Bree Holt: I was introduced to photography early in my life, as my father is a photographer and both of my parents always took cool photos with their friends that I adored. After losing my mother as a teen, I understood the importance of capturing moments wi

Creative in Residence: Curatorial collective working to diversify art-museum workforce

The Atlanta University Center is revered for its history of churning out some of the most-recognized Black scholars through its consortium of historically Black colleges. This cluster of higher learning, however, is on a mission to bring about holistic change in the arts with the AUC Art History and Curatorial Studies Collective.

“There are many ways in which this program is obviously timely, but it’s also very much ahead of the times when we think about the demands that are now being voiced ba

CDC Museum: A mixture of history, health and culture

It is no secret that the City of Atlanta is home to quite a number of historic sites and prominent establishments. Whether it is for entertainment purposes, or to provide information, the options are bountiful. Sometimes, both education and leisure can be obtained in the same environment.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the state’s most distinguished government organizations, and their work has been very instrumental in protecting the health of individuals within t

Retail struggles and dated sales strategies cause concern, but hope is not lost

The consensus (also known as the Internet) will agree that 2016 was a complicated year for many sectors, but the fashion industry’s particularly convoluted direction reached a climax, after indications slowly escalated for a few years.

This culmination of tension was bred by declining sales for major retailers such as J.Crew, Nasty Gal and Ralph Lauren, and rather subtle inflections that would prove paramount in terms of relevance and sales: social media’s influence over buyer’s activity and it

Langston Amadi’s Creative Playground

Langston Amadi is a 23-year-old multifaceted artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose mixed-media wallpapers are catching a buzz with locals and the celebrities his work reconstructs. Amadi first popped up on Quaint Revolt‘s radar through Instagram, because that is where journalists go digging for story leads in today’s media industry. Our introduction was through a series of collaborative works with upcoming Atlanta creatives, like Editorial Stylist Kimberly Coulton and Gynella Ngounou of Sew Wi

Shanequa Gay’s Love Letter To The West End

My first time feeling a Shanequa Gay work was earlier this year when I was an intern at Art Papers magazine in Atlanta. The publication hosts an annual art auction, and we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the setup and day-of operations. Year after year, artists donate select pieces to raise funds for the non-profit organization, an altruistic act that helps facilitate Art Paper‘s programming, publishing, and work among the local art community.

Gay’s contribution, titled “Morni

Lake Claire Community Land Trust: An interactive green space backed by a resolute community

While navigating the Downtown area, spotting greenery means doing so erratically, and more so the closer to campus. For people who live or spend a great deal of time in the city, construction sites have replaced trees as part of the daily view, with new structures erected regularly.

In 1980s Metro Atlanta, Arizona Avenue residents faced the effects of city-sprawling directly. However, some homeowners banded together and dared to challenge the ill-treatment of the land around them. As a small co

Pressures of motherhood: Women can have fulfillment without children

Questions surrounding my intention to procreate became excessive after the age of 21. The expectation was that I should have decided by now and it was more stifling than before, with the implied pressure climaxing in 2015.

When I went home to Jamaica, the personal inquiry was constantly bestowed upon me. “You don’t have any kids yet?,” a family friend asked. “When are you going to have a little one?,” my younger cousin pressed. I was only 23, and found the prying utterly offensive, both to my w

My Ethos

My focus revolves around merging impactful design with compelling storytelling to drive tangible results. Through a fusion of my editorial prowess and marketing acumen, I craft polished copy that resonates with its intended audience. Over time, I've honed my skills in adhering to both the AP and Chicago style guides, ensuring the highest caliber of writing.

Be it an article, essay, or book, my editing approach emphasizes maintaining the author's voice while upholding rigorous editorial standards. I firmly believe that content should be accessible to all while maintaining precision. Armed with a strategic marketing mindset and a talent for captivating storytelling, I assist clients in creating content that not only engages but captivates even the most specialized audiences.

My Services

Editorial Services:

  • Copyediting and Proofreading for books, articles, essays, and digital content.
  • Manuscript Evaluation and Developmental Editing for non-fiction books, anthologies, and academic journals.
  • Editorial Direction and Strategy for digital and print publications.

Content Creation:

  • Freelance Writing for publications, writers/publishers, and brands.
  • Content Curation and Creation for digital and print publications and brands.
  • Feature Writing, Interviews, Profile Pieces, and Op-Eds.

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